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Astronomical Reflexions (the name in Japan is「天文リフレクションズ」or 「Ten-Riff」) is a web site for astronomy enthusiasts with the largest readership in Japan.

About Astronomical Reflexions

Astronomical Reflextions was started in March 2017. At first, I had no idea if it would work, but I survived with the support of many astronomy enthusiasts.

There are three activities at the moment.

  1. Sending professional and good articles to astronomy enthusiasts
  2. News service that aggregates and redistributes RSS feeds
  3. Transmit various information about the astronomical through SNS(Twitter , Facebook ) every day.

The English version of this site will start with the English translation of the existing article (1), and we plan to start the English translation of (2) and (3) sooner or later.

Our business models in Japan

Astronomy enthusiasts are a very small market as a percentage of the total population. In order to survice as a business in the midst of this, Astronomical Reflexions has made it a priority to maximize trust in its readers and suponsors. The business model is primarily advertising, and as of May 2020, it consists of ad fees from approximately 20 sponsors.

We have no plans to change this style in the future. We are working steadily to expand the user base for the English version of the site and plan to launch an advertising service at some point in time.

about “Reflexions Media” , management company

We plan, develop, and operate information distribution services optimized for highly specialized and hobbyist fields by combining the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning with the know-how of highly specialized editorial staff.

company info

Astronomical Reflexions is operated by Reflexions Media.

company name Reflexions Media
location Fukuoka Japan
CEO Chihiro Yamaguchi
establishment 2016-11(voluntary organization)
2017-8(sole proprietorship registration)
e-mail tenrefinfo(at-mark)gmail.com

About Chihiro Yamaguchi , CEO(Chief editorial and executive Officer ) of Reflexions Media

At the headquarters office of Reflexions Media(2017-12)


Born in 1963 in Nara, Japan.
From an early age, he was widely familiar with the starry sky and astronomy.
He has experience in information systems, natural language processing systems, digital marketing systems, and web service development and planning, in Japan.
In 2016, he established Reflexions Media, an information media for astronomy enthusiasts, to disseminate information on the theme of the starry sky.
He graduated from Kyoto University in 1988 with a degree in infrared astronomy.

Long Interview with the CEO

12/29/2017 – 1/3/2018, published in Astronomical Reflexions.
(articles in Japanese.)

(1) CEO talks about the media
(2) CEO talks about his motivation for starting a business
(3) CEO talks about content
(4) CEO telks my astronomical history
(5) CEO talks about his business career
(6) CEO talks about the future of Astronomical Reflexions